And of course I totally forgot / was lazy / was looking at autocorrect fails / you get the idea xD

I have another new chara.. He needs a name.

Another anthro. I dont have any pics of the drawings yet, because the batteries in my camera are acting up.

I solved that problem. :3



 The qualitys crappy. I know. ;-;

But it was the best I could do without my shadow falling on it, so yeah. 


This ones unfinished. And.. -gasp- Are those fingers?? :O Comet never does fingers anymore! xDD

I wanted to do fingers for some reason. owo

But yeah. Thats the new chara.

Hes black haired.. And I dont know about his fur color yet. Yeah, hes got a pendent/amulet thing.. I used to give a lot of my charas that xD

Because I have a dog tag thats orange that I wear all the time, so thats probably why I used to.

Im naming him Roy temporarily.

No-one judge.

Moshi finally deleted the hangout and the suggestion box.

I realize that if no warning was given then the members of those two categories could have scattered or even left the forums for good. Its an odd feeling.. .-.

I had another dream about Andy.

It was just like he left a comment on dA, and thats all I remember.

I had an idea what the comment said this morning, but its gone now. Oh well. :3

The roads here are full of water, apparently. :O Its rainingggggg.

I wish I had gotten more done on this.. DX Its short.

._. I wont be up till one AM like last night.. Not online, anyway. xD Dunno about off.